Graduate Supervisor for Diversity Education

Graduate Supervisor for Diversity Education

(1 position available for 2020-2021)

The Graduate Supervisor for Diversity Education is a live-on position that is part of a leadership team which facilitates the CommUNITY Education (CUE) program and reports to the Assistant Director for Diversity Initiatives. The mission of the CUE program is to foster respect and understanding in the residence hall communities and to create an environment that seeks, welcomes, and values all people.

Major responsibilities include:

  • Supervise, train, and evaluate a staff of 7-8 CUEs: assist in setting program goals; convene regular staff and individual meetings; hold CUEs accountable for program expectations; evaluating/assessing performance and program effectiveness and; develop and implement ongoing and semiannual training
  • Facilitate a close working relationship with other residence hall staff which includes regular meetings with professional, graduate, and undergraduate staff in each center
  • Identify needs, outcomes, and implementation of training and programs related to diversity and social justice
  • Develop a greater understanding and appreciation for social justice education and explore skills needed to engage students, staff, and colleagues in difficult conversations
  • In addition to supervising CUEs, each GS is occasionally called upon to present diversity related programs within the residence halls and in other areas of campus

Candidates for the GS Diversity Education position should possess:

  • A deep commitment to issues of diversity and social justice
  • A well-defined guiding philosophy about the need for diversity education and some well-developed strategies for delivering such education
  • Experience designing, implementing and assessing educational programs
  • Effective supervisory skills (preferably with undergraduate students)
  • An ability to function independently while at the same time operating in a dynamic leadership team