Intersession Housing

Your preparation checklists

Moving out in November

Before you leave for good, be sure you remove all your belongings and at the center desk return the checklist you received along with all keys you have to your residence hall. Your check list is available below.

I'm moving out

Leaving for break

If you plan to return in February, you’ll need to prepare your room to be away for an extended period. A copy of the preparation checklist you received is available below. After November 25 at 10 a.m., you will not have access to the building. Please plan accordingly.

If your plans change and you will not be returning, please cancel your housing contract as soon as possible. We’ll contact you about returning to get your things.

I’m leaving for break

Staying for the intersession

While you are here, be sure the note you were given is on your door. You can download and print another copy if you need to. If you are not staying for the entire intersession, please complete the “I’m leaving for break” check list before you leave.

I'm here

Intersession Housing

In-person instruction will end on November 20 and many residential buildings operated by RPS will be closed until the second semester begins in February. During this time period, the university is seeking for to reduce the population on campus for health and safety reasons. A severe winter flu season is anticipated. This break will also give us an opportunity to thoroughly clean the buildings before February.

We recognize it will not be possible for some students to leave campus. We will accept petitions to remain on campus through September 24.

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