Ashton Center

A cozy residential center tucked in the Central Neighborhood, Ashton Center is a known for its exclusive single room set-up. In Ashton, you'll find generous room storage, a chill studying environment, and easy access to both Union Street Market and Wright Eatery.

Your Residential Life Management Team

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Dave Mallon
Residence Manager

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Susan Barlow
Residence Life Coordinator - Operations

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Travis Washington
Residence Life Coordinator - Student Development

Maintenance and Environmental Concerns

Report custodial, maintenance, or environmental concerns about your room or residence hall to askRPS.

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Heating and Cooling

Ashton utilizes radiant heat when the outdoor air temperature drops below 62° F. Window air-conditioning units are in each student room. The windows are non-operable. Air-conditioning units are set to 74° F. .

Living on campus is convenient and fun! You are close to all the action and, for the most part, are surrounded by students who are in the same boat as you!

Ashley C.

Bathrooms and Amenities

Community bathroom model
Community bathroom model shower area
Community bathroom model bathroom stalls (stall doors not shown)
Community bathroom layout example
  • Community bathrooms
  • Shared kitchenettes
  • Window air-conditioning
  • Xfinity

Ashton falls within the standard with AC cost category. Please follow the link below for a full breakdown of the cost explanation.

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