Teter Quadrangle

Location, location, location. Squarely in Central Neighborhood, Teter residents love being close to classes, food, the Student Recreation Sports Center, and the IU bus route. Great amenities like a library and study areas don't get in the way of community building at Teter, where students feel a sense of belonging even before they step in the door.

Your Residential Life Management Team

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Dave Mallon
Residence Manager

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Tori Schemm
Residence Life Coordinator - Operations

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Marvelle Davis
Residence Life Coordinator - Student Development

Maintenance and Environmental Concerns

Report custodial, maintenance, or environmental concerns about your room or residence hall to askRPS.

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Heating and Cooling

These buildings are air-conditioned with non-operable windows. When the outdoor temperature is above 52° F, air-conditioning can be set from 74 to 78° F. When the outdoor air temperature is below 52° F, heating can be set from 68 to 72° F.

The community of Teter is felt before taking a step inside. It is incredible to see how people care, from random pop up conversations to watching a laptop in a crowded study space so you can get hot chocolate. There is a sense of belonging that made me feel at home during my transition to college.

Mackenzie J.

Bathrooms and Amenities

Community private full bathroom model
Community private full bathroom model
Community private full bathroom layout example
  • Air-conditioning
  • Community private full bath
  • Computer lab
  • Game room
  • Music practice room
  • Study Area
  • Xfinity


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