Banta and Nutt

Banta and Nutt

Visit the Banta and Nutt Apartments, and you might think you’re in a sleepy suburban neighborhood. Spread out in demure buildings, Banta and Nutt attracts a diverse community of residents who love both the location and the price of these older apartments. Access to campus is never a question with the dedicated E-route bus that services the Northeast Neighborhood, so residents can rest easy in this peaceful environment.

Note: Closing August 2021. Applications for Banta and Nutt are not being accepted.

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Muhammad Zubair

Maintenance and Environmental Concerns

Report custodial, maintenance, or environmental concerns about your room or residence hall to askRPS.

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Heating and Cooling

This building is not air-conditioned and has operable windows. It utilizes radiant heat, when the outdoor air temperature is below 60 degrees.

The factors [for living in the on-campus apartments] include convenience, the social aspect, financial cost, and staying connected.

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