McNutt Quadrangle

McNutt is the largest residence center at IU Bloomington, and after receiving comprehensive renovations in 2019, it's ready to offer residents an unbeatable residential experience. And with a brand new onsite dining hall, residents have their pick of dining options. Get ready to create the college experience you want at McNutt.

Your Residential Life Management Team


Residence Manager


Amber Sims
Residence Life Coordinator - Operations


Karmin Mazzocchi
Residence Life Coordinator - Student Development


Angel Thornsbury
Residence Life Coordinator - Student Development

Maintenance and Environmental Concerns

Report custodial, maintenance, or environmental concerns about your room or residence hall to askRPS.

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Heating and Cooling

These buildings are air-conditioned with non-operable windows. When the outdoor temperature is above 53° F, air-conditioning can be set from 74 to 78° F. When the outdoor air temperature is below 50° F, heating can be set from 68 to 72° F.