Quarantine and Isolation

Preparing for Quarantine and Isolation

To ensure you are ready, take these steps NOW:

  • Pack your #IUStrong go bag that you received at check-in. Here is a list of what you will need to have packed.
  • Talk to your parents or guardians about how you and your family will manage the situation if you are required to quarantine or isolate. Will you go home or will you go to housing reserved for quarantine and isolation housing for RPS residents at Ashton Center or the Holiday Inn?

If you need to quarantine or isolate, we will speak with you by phone or Zoom. If you wish for your parents or guardians to be part of this conversation, you will need to waive your HIPPA rights or they cannot be included. We will not speak to your parents or guardians outside of this conversation.

If you do go to a private room at Ashton Center or the Holiday Inn, you will not be charged additional money and you will be able to order food that will be covered by your meal plan. You may continue your course work remotely if you feel able to do so.

For us to keep IU open, everyone has to routinely and consistently wear a mask, practice physical distancing, and wash hands frequently.

If you start to show symptoms, contact the IU Virtual Health Screening Clinic.

If you witness violations of IU policy STU 2.0, report them online. All students must also observe the City of Bloomington Executive Order Number 20.03, which limits gatherings off campus to 15 people.

Be safe, Hoosiers!