Centralized Check-in

Step 1 of 3: Centralized Check-in

When you arrive to Bloomington, you must enter centralized check-in from the SR 45/46 Bypass at Gate 11, Purple Lot.  Upon entry, you will complete the following steps:



Step 2 of 3: Directions to your residence

Upon completing these steps, you will exit the parking lots onto 17th Street and proceed directly to your assigned residence hall. We recommend following the routes below to your residential neighborhood. The next section of this page provides specific instructions for each residence hall and the Avenue.

  • Collins LLC – turn right onto 17th Street and then left onto Woodlawn Avenue and proceed to the residence hall at the corner of Tenth Street and Woodlawn.
  • The Avenue – turn right onto 17th Street and left onto College Avenue
  • Northwest Neighborhood (Briscoe, McNutt, and Foster) – turn left onto Seventeenth Street and then right onto N. Fee Lane.
  • Central Neighborhood – (Wright, Teter, Union Street Center, and Eigenmann) – turn left onto 17th Street, right onto Jordan Avenue and
    • left onto Tenth Street (Eigenmann, Wright and Teter), or
    • left onto Tenth Street and right onto Union Street (Union Street Center)
  • Southeast Neighborhood (Willkie, Forest, Spruce, Read, and Wells) – turn left onto 17th Street and right onto the SR 45/46 Bypass, turn right onto East Third Street and
    • right onto Union Street (Willkie), or
    • right onto Rose Avenue (Forest), or
    • right onto Jordan Avenue and then right onto Jones Drive (Read and Spruce), or
    • continue on E. Third Street to Wells

The new IU Dining experience

IU Dining and RPS are inviting all residents and their two guests to enjoy a meal, try out Grubhub online ordering, and visit the new dining hall layout and pick-up locations. Three meals valued at $10.95 each will be added to residents’ I-BUCKS accounts to let families experience the new dining service.