Move-in Shuttle

Unload and go! After unloading at the curb, relocate your vehicle to the Memorial Stadium (football) White or Purple Lots. The courtesy Move-in Shuttle will bring you back to your residence hall. The Move-in Shuttle will run continuously from 7 a.m. - 11 p.m., approximately every 20 minutes, from Sunday, August 18 to Wednesday, August 21.

Park ONLY to unload in any CH (Campus Housing) zone. Overnight parking is prohibited. Parking in EM-S, EM-P, EM-V, Reserved, Carpool, etc. spots is prohibited

Shuttle route map

Shuttle stops

Shuttle feather banner

Look for the move-in shuttle pickup sign.

  1. Stadium White Lot shelter
  2. Purple Lot
  3. Briscoe Quadrangle shelter
  4. Wright Quadrangle (at the pull-off)
  5. Teter / Ashton Quadrangles (Tenth & Sunrise)
  6. Union Street Center / Hickory Hall (on Tenth Street)
  7. Eigenmann Hall / Union Street Center—Cedar Hall
  8. Seventh and Union Streets (Pine Hall / Mason Hall)
  9. Willkie Quadrangle (Union Street / east side)
  10. Forest Quadrangle
  11. Third Street / Read Center
  12. Wells Quad (Jordan Hall bus stopThird Street)
  13. Seventh & Woodlawn; IMU
  14. Collins LLC/Tenth & Woodlawn

(AH) WEDNESDAY ONLY (12 noon–11 p.m.): Detour to Assembly Hall for Freshman Induction Ceremony. Return to Memorial Stadium Purple (2) and White (1) Lots

Live shuttle bus tracking

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Visit or download the DoubleMap app to track the Move-in Shuttle live. Look for "Move-in Shuttle" displayed on the bus scroll.