Union Street Center Directions


Take IN 45 to E. Tenth Street, turn west. Turn left on N. Union Street, and Union Street Center is on the right side of the street.

Look for the Zone 3 gold square on campus that will guide you to Union Street Center.

Checking in and unloading

The building map below will show you the location of the buildings at Union Street Center so you can determine the closest area to unload your belongings. E. Seventh Street, the lot south of Eigenmann, and the E. Tenth Street parking lot would be places to unload your vehicle. During 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. on Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday we will have limited staff available for residents to load up trucks or golf carts to drop belongings at their building entrance while residents check in at Cedar Hall. We will provide tags so residents can label their belongings.

Beach and Pine: Staff will be located on E. Seventh Street to help load belongings.

Cedar and Linden: Staff will be located at the parking lot south of Eigenmann Hall close to Union Street to help get belongings to the exteriors of Cedar, Linden, and Cypress.

Birch, Cypress, and Hickory: Staff will be located at the southeast section of the E. Tenth Street parking lot to help get belongings to the exteriors of Hickory and Birch.

RPS staff will drop tagged belongings outside the exteriors of each of the buildings. Residents/families will retrieve and move items into the residence hall from these sidewalk drop off stations.

While the student goes to the center desk to check in, those helping with the move can unload the vehicle.

After unloading

After unloading, you must move your vehicle to the white or purple lot west of the stadium. Move-in shuttles will be running until 11 p.m. to take you back to your center. No long term parking is allowed in CH lots. Parking for unloading is allowed with move-in permit obtained at check-in.

Moving your vehicle to the purple and white lots at the stadium will help others coming after you to have a smooth check-in process and help free up spaces close to the center. Look for the tall IU Move-in Shuttle Stop flags at every shuttle stop at or near each residence hall and in the purple and white zones at the stadium.

View shuttle map and details