Graduate Student Assistantship

Graduate Student Assistantship, Student Learning Assessment & Special Projects

Position Description:

(Not available for 2022-2023)

The Graduate Assistant (GA) for Student Learning Assessment and Special Projects is a live-on position that reports to the Assessment and Research Specialist. The GA has the responsibility for assisting in the measurement of student learning. Projects vary from year-to-year and have included topics such as student engagement plans (SEP), student staff training assessment, student staff performance evaluations, financial analysis of programs and services, assessment of the move-in process, evaluation of resident interests regarding department learning goals, and a variety of other research and assessment projects utilizing qualitative, quantitative, and mix-methods protocols. This role is designed for candidates who do well with abstract thinking and have an innovator mindset.

Residential Curriculum Development

  • Assist with developing and implementing a comprehensive and dynamic vision of residential education.
  • Assist with the continuous evaluation and improvement of the Residential Curriculum to meet the needs of our diverse student populations.
  • Assist in building partnerships and collaborating with academic support offices to provide resources to residential students.
  • Assist in the creation and maintenance of tools and guides for paraprofessional, graduate, and professional staff for the residential curriculum.
  • Assist in the development and facilitation of staff and curriculum stakeholder’s training and resources.

Assessment Responsibilities

  • Serve on the Residential Curriculum Assessment Committee.
  • Assistance in the creation of an assessment process for the Residential Curriculum.
  • Collect SEP attendance sheets, organize the attendance list, and prepare the attendance list for alignment with IU data sets.
  • Manage the collection of SEP assessment data, analysis, and suggest updates to SEP content based on feedback.
  • Build a data reciprocity campaign between RPS and residents to improve data feedback.
  • Partake in the on-going professional development to learn assessment skills that can further departmental goals and initiatives.
  • Organize assessment materials for dissemination and collection.
  • Assist in the writing, creation, and proofreading of data tables, reports, and presentations.
  • Co-present research findings to staff and students with professional staff.
  • Other responsibilities as assigned.

Required Skills

  • Strong experience using Microsoft Excel and some experience with SPSS (or other statistical packages.
  • Experience using qualitative analysis techniques.
  • Experience working with data manipulation (e.g., uploading, downloading from both internal and external sources) and general knowledge of research techniques and methodology.
  • Strong communication, organizational, and writing skills.
  • Ability to work independently with general supervision.
  • Ability to manage multiple projects at one time and to delegate responsibility among committee members.
  • Attention to detail - excellent editing, proofreading, writing and communication skil

Preferred Skills

  • Strong experience using Roompact, Qualtrics (or other software packages).
  • Previous residence life experience or comparable experience with student leadership.
  • Previous work experience

Interpersonal Skills and Leadership

  • Communicate effectively and create collaborative and positive relationships with campus and community partners, staff team, and staff within RPS.
  • Business casual dress attire is expected during work hours unless notified otherwise by supervisor(s) or IU employee dress policy


  • A bachelor’s degree and acceptance in education, sociology, psychology, marketing, statistics, anthropology, or other fields of study.
  • Student leadership and/or housing experience preferred.
  • Experience with education, learning outcomes, and assessment is preferred.
  • Ability to handle multiple assignments, conflicting demands, and priorities.


This Graduate Student position is considered a .50 FTE assistantship and is listed as a 20-hour per week commitment. Due to the nature of the work at certain times of the year, the graduate assist may work beyond 20 hours in a given week.

The Graduate Student position will receive living accommodations in on-campus housing, insurance benefits, the Cream Plus meal plan, professional development funds ($250 first year/ $300 second year), and a cash stipend of approximately $4,500 ($5,000 for returning staff).

The Graduate Student position will be provided with a tuition fee remission, which covers 100 percent of 24 credit hours during the academic year*. Fee remissions do not cover dedicated fees, mandatory fees, course-related fees or audit hours. An eligible appointee should be prepared to pay, at the time of registration, dedicated fees plus mandatory and special course-related fees. For a full list of mandatory and special course-related fees, refer to Student Central.

If requested, Residential Programs and Services will also reimburse for up to 6 credit hours of tuition fee remission during summer sessions.