Cooling during high temps

The HVAC systems have predetermined set points that meet university standards, and address safety and comfort. These set points differ from building to building and are available for each location.

Factors such as the amount of direct sunlight a room receives will affect the temperature in a particular room. Closing the curtains or blinds when receiving direct sunlight will help reduce the room temperature.

If believe your HVAC unit is not functioning properly, please request maintenance.

Door-to-door pollings

As a resident of Monroe County, you may be eligible to vote in the upcoming Indiana election.

Poll takers will be in residential centers doing door-to-door voter registration:

September 312 noon–4 p.m.Walnut Grove Center, Briscoe Quad, McNutt Quad
September 1012 noon–3 p.m.Teter Quad and Ashton Center
September 1712 noon–3 p.m.Eigenmann Hall and Union Street Center Apartments
September 2412 noon–3 p.m.Willkie Quad, Mason Hall, 3rd & Union Apartments, and Spruce Hall
October 112 noon–4 p.m.Forest Quad and Read Hall
October 812 noon–3 p.m.Collins and Wells Quad

If you don’t want to be contacted by poll takers, you should print out this sign and hang it on your door the day they will be in your center.


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