Wells Quadrangle

Close to both the science buildings and the Jacobs School of Music facilities, Wells Quadrangle is also one of the most Instagram-able residential locations at IU. Renovations might have modernized the building, but Wells Quad residents still feel like they live in a castle in the woods. Students love the quiet study environment and the on-site Goodbody Eatery, but everyone's favorite spot here is the stone patio overlooking scenic campus views.

Your Residential Life Management Team

Doug Yeskie
Residence Manager

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Matthew Jensen
Residence Life Coordinator - Operations

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Sandi Dykes
Residence Life Coordinator - Student Development

Maintenance and Environmental Concerns

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Heating and Cooling

These buildings are air-conditioned with non-operable windows. When the outdoor temperature is above 55° F, air-conditioning can be set from 74 to 78° F. When the outdoor air temperature is below 55° F, heating can be set from 68 to 72° F.

Multi-use desk chairs

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