Mobile ID

Download and install Mobile ID (published by CBORD) from the Android App Store or iOS App Store.(* See External Links Notification section below)

View of Mobile ID app

Once you have installed the app on your device, you must allow it to access your location when prompted.

View of app accessing location

When prompted, enter the server address for IU (

View of prompt for server address

You must authorize the app to access your CS Gold account/patron record.

View to authorize access to CS Gold account

The app will show your IUID photo, along with a list of doors that you have permission to access. To unlock this door, slide the ID card graphic along the “swipe card” line.

Swipe Card

To choose a door, tap the “choose” button. From here, scroll through a list of doors you have permission to access.  This list will including your room door, floor/stairwell doors, elevator doors, your building’s exterior doors, etc.

Image of list of doors

Tap the “door” you want to open. Tap the “Go” button to unlock the door. The door will lock automatically after eight seconds, just as it does when you scan your IUID card.

Image of Go button to unlock door

External Links Notification

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