Taking Care of Daily Business

Taking care of daily business

Leaving your childhood home means you will have to navigate life’s more mundane tasks. The information on this page will help master those tasks, like managing your mail and deliveries, doing your laundry, or making a maintenance request.

Addresses, deliveries, mail, and packages

Addresses, deliveries, mail, and packages

The correct address is everything. Use your correct campus address to receive packages and your mail. For example, if your address is “Walnut Grove Street,” and you use “Walnut Street,” someone else is going to get your stuff.

Manage your deliveries

Delivery people cannot bring items to your room.

If you order food, you must meet the delivery driver at the drive in front of your building.

Amazon, DHL, FedEx, UPS, and USPS make deliveries to the center desk. You will receive an email to your IU address when you have a package ready for pick up. Deliveries are suspended during the Thanksgiving, semester, and spring breaks.

Mail from USPS

Lastly, remember that thing called a mailbox? You will have one and it will be near the center desk. You will receive a combination with instructions on how to open it. You can sign up for informed delivery and other services with the USPS Mobile app available in the Apple Store and Google Play.

Any time you move from your current assignment, you will need to submit your forwarding address through the RPS Mailroom app.

Doing laundry shouldn't be a challenge

Inexperience in a laundry room can lead to floods, mountains of soap suds, and piles of clothes that never seem to dry.

You can avoid these mishaps!

  • Read the posted instructions before using the washers.
  • Don’t overload the washers or dryers by cramming all your clothes into one or two loads. Clothes need room to swim in the wash and float to dry.
  • Measure your detergent! Don’t put in too much.

Take out the trash

Residents are responsible for bagging trash and placing it into the nearest trash room. Please do not leave bagged trash or any other trash in hallways, stairwells, or on the ground. Recycling containers are available on each floor.

If you have a medical condition requiring the use of hypodermic needles, do not dispose of the needles in the trash. The center desk can provide you a Sharps container for disposal of the needles. Return the full container to the center desk for disposal.