Willkie Quadrangle

At Willkie, you'll find the perfect balance between dorm life and apartment living. Suite-style rooms and private bath options give students added privacy and independence. Residence hall amenities are always within easy reach, with Forest Dining Hall conveniently located just a five minute walk away. Spacious community areas as well as practice rooms, computer lab, and a library—give residents everything they need right where they are. 

Your Residential Life Management Team

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Jess Uhlman
Residence Manager

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Isaiah Moore
Residence Life Coordinator - Operations

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Marie Burns
Residence Life Coordinator - Student Development

Maintenance and Environmental Concerns

Report custodial, maintenance, or environmental concerns about your room or residence hall.

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Heating and Cooling

These buildings are air-conditioned with operable windows. Air-conditioning is available when the outdoor air temperature is above 55° F.

  • Do not tamper with or hang items from the smoke detectors and/or fire sprinkler head.
  • Only use CommandTM hooks, tacky putty, or painter's tape to hang decorative lights and other items.
  • Indiana University does not accept liability for personal belongings, so residents must secure their own renter's insurance. GradGuard, an authorized insurance provider for IU, offers insurance quotes at go.iu.edu/getinsured.
  • Trash and recycling bins are provided in all rooms.
  • Do not place furniture in front of or hang items on the HVAC unit.
  • To explore different bed options for your room and make appointments for bed rearrangement, visit our vendor's website at bedloft.com. The mattresses provided are extra-long twin size and have a height of 20 inches from the floor.
  • Use surge protectors and connect them directly to wall outlets. Avoid connecting extension cords and surge protectors in a series. Ensure that all electrical appliances are UL listed, have thermostatic controls if necessary, and are rated at 700 (6 amps) or lower.
  • Furniture cannot be removed or stored outside of the room.
  • Fire retardant blinds and/or curtains are provided and must not be taken down. The building is air-conditioned, and the windows cannot be opened.
  • The bathroom is cleaned monthly by our staff.
  • Air-conditioning is available when the outdoor air temperature is above 55° F.